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At DesktopWallpapers.eu or hintergrundbilder.info (german) you will find office-suitable desktop wallpapers and screensavers for your monitor in 16: 9 format. You can look at and select the background images and screensavers in the galleries and then download them in ZIP files – in their original size. Have fun with it.

Beautiful wallpapers, screensaver and background images as eye candy.

Iceland as a backdrop for unique nature photos. These impressive shots of Icelandic nature are not only an eye-catcher, but also suitable for the office and bring the fascinating landscapes of the country directly to your desktop. Imagine being surrounded by a mountain lake or finding yourself at the foot of a mighty glacier. These background images turn every study into a true oasis of nature and let your thoughts wander to distant, unforgettable landscapes while you work.

You will also discover the picturesque beauty of the Berlin area with impressive nature photos as background images. With lush green forests, clear lakes and extensive landscapes, the Berlin area offers a breathtaking backdrop for natural pictures. Immerse yourself in a world of beauty and relaxation with free wallpapers that capture the dazzling nature of the Berlin area in a unique way.

Be mesmerized by the creative masterpieces of Boris E. – a talented Berlin-based artist who expresses his unique perspective of the world in stunning photographic art. His wallpapers are not only of high aesthetic quality, but also give insight into his profound thoughts and views. With its unique ability to capture the beauty of everyday objects and scenes, its wallpapers will become real works of art on your desktop. Be inspired by the beauty of Boris photo art wallpapers and immerse yourself in a world of creativity and innovation from the city of artists – Berlin.

Our tip for a perfect screen background.

In order to style your desktop in a really spectacular way, we not only recommend the background images from DektopWallpapers.eu ? but also use the desktop customization tool from Rainmeter.net. With Rainmeter, you can display customizable skins on your desktop, from hardware usage meters to fully functional audio visualizers. Rainmeter is open source software and free of charge. However, it is only useful for Windows users. For Linux users we recommend Conky.

But are you looking for sensual background images? Then visit microbikinis.eu (English) or its sister site microbikinis.info (German). There you will find background pictures with bikini girls wearing extravagant swimwear.